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School life


Ecole Conte has forged several partnerships to make life easier for students and provide them with a range of services. Each student can benefit from preferential offers, some of which are exclusive to the school.

Student accommodation

Several partners offer a wide range of student accommodation at preferential rates.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information and to be given priority in your search!

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Dell’s partnership with Digital College enables students to benefit from preferential rates on the entire website. Dell Gaming, Xps, Allenware, secondary screens, laptops, accessories…
A wide choice is available!


To help young people travel internationally via the Lufthansa Group’s Generationfly program, Ecole Conte students benefit from discounted flight fares and free check-in of two pieces of luggage.
Through this partnership, Ecole Conte aims to make it easier for its students to be open to the world.


All Ecole Conte students have free access to the Silecs platform, which offers a wide range of video courses in all fields and for all ages, useful as a complement to their training, but also privately, to learn and gain skills in a wide range of subjects and interests.

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