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Interior design

3-year course
Certification registered at level 6

The Bachelor in Interior Design offers a stimulating and exciting learning experience for creative minds who aspire to shape the world around us, and who are fascinated by the harmony of spaces, the fusion of aesthetics and functionality. This course has been designed to offer a comprehensive education, balancing theory and practice, to develop your skills and creativity in this field.

This degree aims at provinding you with a comprehensive education, balancing theory and practice, to develop your skills and creativity in this field, under the guidance of experienced tutors, seasoned interior design professionals who are passionate about their craft and keen to share their knowledge with you.

Décoration pour un salon avec design épuré et sombre
Décoration salle de bain, avec vasque en pierre et pot de lavandes

Interior design

Throughout your course, you will explore the fundamental principles of interior design, from initial planning to final execution. You'll learn how to design spaces that tell stories, how to use colours and materials to create unique atmospheres, and how to incorporate elements of sustainability and innovation into your projects.

Our pedagogical approach encourages broad and comprehensive learning, which is why the first two years of the Bachelor's degree are taken in common with the Bachelor's degrees in Object design and 360° design, a choice that encourages collaboration and the exchange of ideas within a creative community.

Personne qui travaille sur le plan d'agencement de l'intérieur d'une maison avec choix des couleurs et de la décoration
Intérieur design avec terrasse ouverte sur le salon

The Interior Design specialisation offered in Bachelor 3 aims at training creative, competent and visionary interior designers, capable of transforming spaces and arousing emotions through their work, while encouraging you to explore your own style.

Intérieur design avec escaliers et fauteuils de designers

Key points

  • History of design and luxury
  • Art history
  • Fundamentals of luxury and design
  • Relationship marketing
  • Object perspective drawing
  • DTP (Desktop Publishing)
  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design)
  • Trend
  • Graphic expression
  • Color
  • Model and prototyping
  • Technical drawing
  • Graphic design
  • Space design
  • Design thinking

Job opportunities

  • Interior designer
  • Space designer
  • Environmental designer
  • Decorator
  • Design office manager
  • Model maker
  • Scenographer
  • Agency or project manager
  • Commercial architecture designer

Length of training per year

580 hours


A minimum of 52 days' work placement per year is required to complete the course.


« Designer créateur de produit de mode et textile » 

Certification registered at level 6 in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnels (RNCP-French national register of professional certifications), by decision of France Compétences dated July 19, 2023, awarded by Ecole Conte - College de Paris.

Back-to-school period

September / October


Accessible after successful completion of secondary school.
– Parallel admission possible in second or third year depending on application.

Motivational interview – CV

Application file: drawings, sketches, photos, or other elements of your own creation, a 30-line essay on a design topic (current affairs, history, economics, etc.) and the elements requested on the last page of the application file.

The qualities needed to study interior design are creativity, aesthetic sensitivity, the ability to solve problems, sensitivity to clients’ needs, trend-following and organisation, as well as knowledge of materials and products.

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