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Admissions and information

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What's the right profile for studying at Ecole Conte?

The sectors we train for are both demanding and competitive. Our programs are therefore aimed at curious, creative profiles with a keen sense of aesthetics and a good grasp of trends. Our programs all require a high level of rigor, which is gradually acquired over the years, but above all a genuine passion – a must for professional fulfillment in the fashion, design, luxury, or gastronomy sectors. Your open-mindedness and commitment will also be key to progressing along the way, alongside an eclectic group of students. Courses at Ecole Conte are open to students from the first year to the fifth-year level, in bachelor’s degree or master’s degree programs.
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How to apply

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Return your completed application form with the required administrative details, your portfolio (for creative courses) and a one-page essay on the theme of your chosen course.

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Have an individual interview with our advisors.

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