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Ms in
Luxury and fashion management

2-year training
Certification registered at level 7

Updated on : june 2024

The Ms in Luxury Management and Fashion is the first program to complement managerial teaching with an analysis that combines creativity and stylistic reflection. As a result, students acquire not only in-depth knowledge of the sector and its professions, but also genuine creative know-how. 

This course provides students with an overview of the luxury and fashion market, as well as the skills needed to run a business in this sector. Students will learn to manage projects, develop marketing and sales strategies, and manage the supply chain and logistics.

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Création mode étudiante en stylisme

Ms in Luxury and fashion management

Ms in Luxury and fashion management

The first year introduces marketing and management in the luxury goods and fashion sector, as well as to the basic creative techniques used by professionals in the major fashion houses, while the second year is devoted to highlighting new issues and practices in the sector.

Over the course of the two years, you will work both in groups and individually on personal projects to hone your expertise.

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In addition to providing the knowledge needed to set up a business through courses in law and start-up management, the luxury and fashion sector is explored in greater depth to enable students to pursue their careers within the houses that are right for them.

At a fourth and fifth-year level, the Master’s will enable you to develop your skills and acquire expertise in management and strategy in the luxury and fashion sectors.

Professional projects

Write a professional thesis (individually) and carry out a creative project (as a group).

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1st year

Creation of a creative micro-company project on a theme chosen by the group after several weeks of discussion. Groups are formed according to affinity and sector preferences, and then develop a creative concept from production to sales. The entire product design chain is covered, right through to its attractiveness for the market in question.

The project is tutored by several lecturers throughout the year and culminates in a written project presentation (40 pages excluding appendices) and a 45-minute group defense before a panel of professionals.

2nd year

Writing of a professional thesis on a theme chosen by the student according to his or her own interests in the luxury or fashion sectors. The aim is to highlight a tension, a problem, or a conflict, and to resolve it through argument and reasoning.

It is imperative that the student give his/her opinion in this work. The paper is graded on its layout and the depth of knowledge and analysis proposed (60 pages minimum, excluding appendices + 45-minute oral presentation).

Students are also assessed by written exams at the end of the year.

tenue mode

Key points

  • Corporate management
  • Branding
  • Digital strategy
  • Project management
  • Creative communication
  • Influence marketing
  • Influence marketing
  • Financial analysis
  • Target analysis
  • Marketing strategy
  • The internationalization of luxury
  • Trend
  • Graphic expression
  • Textile experimentation
  • Visual culture
  • Introduction to leather goods, styling, textile design and screen printing
  • Graphics
  • Ethical design

Job opportunities

  • Art Director
  • Buyer
  • Product Manager
  • Luxury and fashion project manager
  • Web marketing manager
  • Manager or sales agent

Length of course per year

550 hours

Karine Godier

Head of Luxury and Fashion Division

Karine Godier, Responsable de la filière luxe et mode

“The pedagogical objective of the Master’s in Luxury and Fashion Management is to offer students a versatile, cross-disciplinary approach to the sector’s various professions.

To acquire this broad vision, a succession of complementary and progressive subjects are offered over two consecutive years. These will lead students to produce an individual professional thesis on the theme of their choice, as well as a creative project, assessed at the end of the curriculum by external jurors.

This final creation will also be an opportunity to experience teamwork, in a fictitious simulation close to that of the working world. All our teaching staff are experienced professionals, recruited for their listening skills, so that we can offer our students a personalized, caring approach wherever possible.

Our program is constantly fine-tuned and updated to enable our graduates to acquire the best integration techniques, adaptability and knowledge necessary to work qualitatively in this demanding sector.”


A minimum of 52 days' work placement per year is required to complete the course.


« Manager du développement commercial » (Business development manager)

Certification registered at level 7 in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles (RNCP, French registry for professional certifications), by decision of France Compétences dated February 9, 2024, delivered by Talis Compétences & Certifications.

Back-to-school period

September / October


Accessible after successful completion of three years of academic studies.
– Parallel admission possible in second year depending on application.

Motivation interview – CV

If possible, creative dossier – Thoughts on a luxury theme.


The program is designed for students who want to work in the luxury and fashion industries. In this fast-growing and dynamic sector, creativity and curiosity are key assets.

Versatile, the Luxury and Fashion Management student must also demonstrate rigor and a strong sense of responsibility. Good oral and written communication skills are also essential, as is a good general knowledge.

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