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Study trips

Openness at the heart of our challenges

We invite our students to take part in a wide range of study trips to learn more about the international art world. These trips, that last from a few days to a week, are an opportunity to make discoveries that will complement the knowledge acquired during your studies, and to forge strong links within the different classes and with the Ecole Conte teaching teams.

Study trips are an integral part of the Ecole Conte experience. These extraordinary journeys combine artistic performances, immersive exhibitions, company visits, conferences and exceptional customer experiences.

Each year, the destinations are updated and enriched to offer a unique itinerary, exploring territories where luxury and fashion can be explored from a different angle.

Stays offered throughout the year may be specifically dedicated to the Ecole Conte, or involve several member schools of our network, and destinations may vary from one year to the next.
Discover some of the trips that will give you unique experiences as part of your education…

For more information about Ecole Conte study trips, please contact us.

New York

Set off for the city that never sleeps!

Between visits, sightseeing and exclusive conferences in a variety of fields, you’ll have the opportunity to meet professionals who will help you understand the marketing culture of the United States, as well as the peculiarities of management on the other side of the Atlantic.

Learning Expedition NYC Ecole Conte


A trip with all the students of the Collège de Paris group, punctuated by the discovery of a city with singular architecture and unique dynamics!

Breathtaking landscapes, initiation to local dances and, of course, lectures on the economy and development of this new Eldorado for start-ups of all kinds!

Voyage Rio Ecole Conte


A dynamic, cosmopolitan city, Dubai has experienced rapid economic growth over recent decades, becoming a global center for commerce, tourism, and culture.

The city thus offers the opportunity to discover the luxury and fashion industry from a different angle, as a leading shopping destination, particularly for luxury goods; an opportunity to observe merchandising trends adapted to an international audience.

Dubai is also a center of technological innovation; cutting-edge techniques are sometimes used in the luxury and fashion industry, enabling brands to remain relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

voyage dubai mode


Singapore is a unique cultural melting pot, offering an interesting perspective on fashion and luxury in Asia.

The city has grown and developed to become the new Eden for Asian and global fortunes, many of whom have settled here. Numerous renowned brands offer top-of-the-range products and an exceptional customer experience.

The city also boasts a wide variety of luxury boutiques and hotels, as well as sophisticated restaurants and bars for food lovers.

Etudiante à une exposition

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