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Bachelor's degree from 1st to 5th year

Création étudiante en mode luxe et design

Our courses

Our courses

About L'École Conte courses

L’École Conte offers a range of courses from the first to fifth year, linked to French traditions of excellence in know-how, quality and style.

The fields to which we apply our expertise range from fashion and gastronomy to design and, of course, luxury.

Halfway between creation and professionalization, the school’s courses are designed to train the designers and creators of tomorrow, as well as the managers who will enable these sectors to flourish.

With its first training course opening in 1949, the École Conte has become an institution with recognized experience. It has trained many of the talents who have helped shape the fashion and design industry over the decades. Students benefit from a high level of practical training and instruction based on creative and inspiring working methods.

École Conte graduates are ready to face the challenges of an ever-changing industry and make their mark in our chosen fields.

Cours de couture des étudiants dans le design
Mannequin design textile
Eleve ecole Conte mode

Our programs

From post-baccalaureate level

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