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School life


In addition to the extra-curricular activities specific to our teaching, such as outings, conferences, exhibitions, visits or trips, numerous events are organized throughout the year to strengthen our community in a more relaxed context, enabling our graduating classes to forge strong links and grow their network. These highlights give our students a real social experience during their studies.

School years punctuated by events

— September

Back to school at Ecole Conte

This first highlight is always held at a venue outside the school. During this event, former students come to exhibit, organize private sales, or give lectures to share their know-how with our future graduating classes, all around a cocktail reception.

In addition to introducing the graduating classes to the support team, the new academic year also gives students the opportunity to meet with professional mentors, who come to speak to get the year off to the best possible start.

— December

Graduation ceremony and end-of-year gala

Every year, our graduates are congratulated at this theater event, along with their families and friends.

The graduation ceremony is always followed by a gala evening to celebrate their success well into the night, with students still studying.

— January

Open days

At the start of each year, Ecole Conte organizes an exhibition of student work at a special open house, giving you the opportunity to discover the skills developed in our creative training courses.

During this event, our teaching teams and students are on hand to answer your questions about all our courses and share their feedback.

Etudiante en mode à la rentrée de l'Ecole Conte
— March

Mi-Terms Evening

Organized by our partner school, Digital College, this urban-themed event offers a unique student evening, featuring a variety of street-art activities and exhibitions, as well as a showcase by a renowned rapper.
— June


This sporting competition brings together a dozen schools from our network, the Collège de Paris, to challenge each other to a series of games and events over the course of an entire day.

An opportunity to demonstrate team spirit and cohesion!

— June

Closing and end-of-year parade

Every year, fashion and textile design students take up the challenge of creating their own fashion show! In addition to designing their own silhouettes, the Bachelor students are responsible for finding models, make-up, hairstyling, and rehearsals, and they see their creations paraded in front of hundreds of people: students, partners, guardians, and relatives.

This traditional show is an exercise in professionalism, enabling students to project themselves into a real-life situation, with the help of their support team. The success of this event is also part of their final assessment.
This event is of course open to all our graduating classes and brings the year to a close with a cocktail reception.

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