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Since 1949

The Ecole Conte has grown to become a genuine flagship institution for professionals in the fashion, textiles and luxury industries.

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Curriculum &Training

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    Food & Beverage Management

    Our Ms is intended for students from all backgrounds, already graduated of 4 years of university studies or more, wishing to start an international career. This training is open to French and foreign students. Inside this cultural mix, learn the...

  • 02 / 05


    Scenography and environmental design

    To know how to create and stage an object and a space according to given codes and identity. After a year of common core courses to acquire the fundamentals of global design, the second year provides technical and professional skills for the...

  • 03 / 05


    Digital Design

    Knowing how to adopt the transversal conception of a digital project. After a year of common core courses to acquire the fundamentals of global design, the second year provides the future service designer, interaction designer, UX designer or...

  • 04 / 05


    Luxury and Fashion management

    The Ms Luxury and Fashion Management course is the first course to deliver managerial training alongside an analysis that blends fashion styling considerations with creativity. Students acquire not just in-depth knowledge of the sector and its...

  • 05 / 05


    Luxury food and Wine management

    The Ms Luxury Food and Wine Management is the premier international management course specialising in the domains of fine food and oenology, and is available either with work placements or as a full-time programme. The course was designed with the...

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    Post Ms

    Accreditation of prior learning and experience

    Professionals may, if they wish, seek to obtain the qualification at level II via the Accreditation of Prior Learning and Experience pathway. An applicant may, once their portfolio has been examined, present a project to a panel of professionals or...

  • 01 / 04


    Bachelor Design 360°

    An in-depth vision of all the techniques applied to the professions of product, digital, space or brand design, while building a creative identity in your chosen field. The Bachelor design 360° provides a complete theoretical and practical...

  • 02 / 04


    Textile and fashion design

    Choice of motifs, colours and materials: the textile designer is at the crossroads of every trend and every innovation. As a creative and professional training course, Ecole Conte’s Textile design pathway trains textile designers to work for...

  • 03 / 04


    Fashion design

    As the capital of fashion, Paris is the ideal place to become a renowned fashion designer. The Fashion design course at Ecole Conte – a school created in 1949 – is one of the oldest such courses delivered in Paris. During the course, we...

  • 04 / 04


    Luxury marketing

    The educational focus of this course is to turn students into luxury industry professionals through gaining experience in the sector. The course is based on general marketing training, along with a specialist focus on luxury sectors. The course is...


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The Ecole Conte has become a real reference for professionals in the fields of fashion, textiles and luxury.

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