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Teaching at
l’Ecole Conte

The Ecole Conte teaching staff is made up of talented experts with a passion for their field.
They are made up of qualified professionals who have honed their skills working for some of the world’s leading fashion houses or on personal entrepreneurial projects. They bring their expertise and practical experience to the students.

The teaching team

Our instructors are dedicated mentors who help students develop their creative and technical skills, while encouraging them to explore their potential and discover their own artistic path. Whether artists, designers, marketing or branding specialists, they bring a unique perspective to learning, blending classic methods with innovative approaches to bring students’ imaginations to life. Alongside our administrative teams, they are committed to inspiring the next generation of talent in the world of lifestyle, fashion and design by providing daily training in the trends, challenges and opportunities of these sectors. The school is also pleased to welcome occasional guests for specialized workshops, or exclusive masterclasses, to enable students to meet professionals.
Cours école Conte

Camille Arnould


Camille Arnould, DIRECTRICE de l'Ecole Conte

“Ecole Conte matches with expertise and is recognized by Fashion, Textile and Luxury professionals.
We welcome students with an artistic background as well as those who are determined and passionate about Art.

The school’s vocation is to train the trendsetters of tomorrow, and to give you the benefit of significant professional experience, whether through internships or work placements – a sine qua non for your professional success.

Driven by a top-quality teaching staff, our teams will support you throughout your studies, helping you to define and realize your professional project.

We look forward to welcoming you!”

Some programmes require the expertise of a sector manager. They are responsible for ensuring the quality of the teaching offered, and are a real point of reference for students, from the start of the school year right through to the final exam. Student support is a top priority for the teaching team, who do everything in their power to encourage students to develop their skills in their various assignments, without ever forgetting to establish a professional and rigorous atmosphere in each of their classes.
Marie Bertrand

Marie Bertrand

Fashion Design Program Manager
Valérie Lesaffre

Valérie Lesaffre

Head of Textile Design Department
Karine Godier

Karine Godier

Head of the luxury and fashion department


Learning through experience

01 / Exhibitions and fairs

  • Cinémode Jean-Paul Gaultier exhibition
  • Salon de l’automobile
  • Maison&Objet trade show
  • Première Vision
  • Cartier exhibition
  • Elsa Schiaparelli exhibition
  • Cherqui foundation

02 / Competition

  • E-fashion awards
  • Prix Dauphine Mode
  • Textile Addict
  • Talons Aiguilles
  • Jeunes créateurs Leclerc
  • Paris Déco off

03 / Excursions and workshops

  • Champagne testing
  • Company visits
  • Screen printing workshop
  • Introduction to leatherwork
  • Caves du Louvre
  • Roy’s garden

04 / Conferences

  • Truffle conference
  • Caviar workshop
  • Chocolate workshop
  • Luxury in Asia
  • Masterclass

We strive to bring all our courses to life by adding real learning experiences, enabling students to go further in the process of discovering the design, fashion, luxury, and gastronomy sectors. Students can visit trade shows, exhibitions, conferences, and tastings. The aim of these activities is to enrich students’ general knowledge and discover new areas of interest, as well as to provide them with professional opportunities by establishing contacts for their future career development.

Our graduating classes also regularly take part in various national and international fashion and textile design competitions.

Study trips

To encourage open-mindedness and an appetite for international careers, study trips are offered to Ecole Conte students. These trips provide students with the opportunity to visit companies, meet designers and entrepreneurs, discover exclusive exhibitions and, of course, build a professional network that will play a vital role in their future careers. This openness is essential for our chosen sectors, as French know-how is increasingly exported abroad, offering great prospects for our future graduates.

From Dubai and New York to Singapore and Milan, the destinations we have chosen, give us a foothold in the international luxury and fashion worlds.


The Silecs platform is available to every student.

To enrich our students’ knowledge and nurture their curiosity, Ecole Conte offers every student a subscription to Silecs, a video learning platform in all fields, for all ages.

In addition to complementing their courses with modules such as DTP software, web development, fashion history, photography and marketing techniques, Silecs offers a wealth of entertaining content, enabling students to learn in every conceivable field. Cooking, sport, relaxation, dance, music, negotiation… so many fascinating topics to explore in your free time, alone or with the family.

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