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Bachelor in
Textile design

3-year course
Certification registered at level 6

Choosing patterns, colors or materials: the Textile Designer is at the crossroads of all trends and innovations. A creative and professional training program, the Textile Design course at École Conte trains textile designers for the leading Parisian style and trend offices.

Textile and fashion designers create fabrics and materials: prints, textures, colors that will be used in ready-to-wear, haute-couture, decoration, or specific fields such as the automotive industry. Passionate about their work, they create and develop color ranges and harmonies and their variants. They also carry out product sourcing and assists photographers with photo styling. Culinary, fashion, decoration and textiles are his favorite fields.

Cours de design textile au sein de l'école conte

Bachelor in
Textile design

At the end of the course, a freely chosen personal project gives concrete expression to the teaching received. The result is assessed by a jury of recognized professionals: research work, creative stages, staging of inspirations and quality of final rendering etc.

The Bachelor 1 and 2 have a common core textile and fashion program, which is refined in Bachelor 3 with a specialization in textile design.

Etudiant en alternance pour une formation dans le design
Cours de design textile

If you want to pursue a creative and exciting career in the fashion and textile industry, the bachelor’s degree in Textile Design will provide you with a professional approach to textile manufacturing techniques, as well as design trends and innovations.

Professional projects

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Collection creation

To assess the skills acquired during the course, Textile Design students are asked to create a complete collection featuring patterns and materials representing a concept and theme of their own choosing, which can be applied to fashion, stationery, furnishings, or tableware, depending on their individual sensibilities.

The creation of prototypes is an integral part of the final assessment. Each project is accompanied by a dossier detailing the collection's intentions and explaining the work carried out, which will also be defended orally before a jury of professionals.


During the year, students are also challenged to set up an exhibition of their work (scenography, installation, description of the stand for visitors...), organized on the Ecole Conte Open Days. This event enables candidates to project the skills they will acquire at the school.

Création de textile pour les étudiants en design

Key points

  • Painting techniques
  • Graphic expression
  • Nude sketches
  • Textile experimentation
  • Mesh
  • Weaving
  • Embroidery
  • Accessory
  • Textile technology
  • Forward-looking trend
  • Bio fabric
  • Painting laboratory
  • Tapestry haute lice
  • Screen printing
  • Vegetable dyes
  • Graphics
  • Technical English

Job opportunities

  • Textile and surface designer
  • Computer graphics designer
  • Colorist
  • Product and accessory designer
  • Trend stylist
  • Product advice stylist
  • Photo stylist

Length of training per year

755 hours

Valérie Lesaffre

Textile Design Department Manager

Valerie Lesaffre, Responsable de filière design textile

“The Ecole Conte is founded on the merging of practical and theoretical teaching, based on the skills identified as the foundation of our pedagogy.

The workshop-based courses encourage individualized exchange and dialogue, with ongoing interaction between students and guest lecturers, who are experienced outside professionals.

Their experience in the field enables constructive exchanges, as close as possible to the ever-changing realities of the profession. Interactive corrections create a group dynamic based on trust and goodwill. The leverage of the training is based on the acquisition of the creative process in the first year.

Consolidated in the second year, our students gain autonomy to design a personal project in the third year, from concept to product, focusing on a singular creative DNA. This project is evaluated by a jury of outside professionals.”


A minimum of 52 days' work placement per year is required to complete the course.


« Designer créateur de produit de mode et textile » (Fashion and Textile product creator and designer)

Certification registered at level 6 in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnels (RNCP- French registry for professional certifications), by decision of France Compétences dated July 19, 2023, awarded by Ecole Conte - Collège de Paris.

Back-to-school period



Accessible after successful completion of secondary school.
– Parallel admission possible in second or third year depending on application.

Motivation interview – CV

  • 1st year: creative portfolio
  • 2nd and 3rd years: dossier with trend board or mood board and/or technical sheets + drawings + volume creations (Adobe suite proficiency essential).
  • For all: thoughts on a fashion topic
The fashion stylist must have a great sense of anticipation. Always in tune with the times, students must be curious and master trends by keeping abreast of everything: devouring magazines and blogs, touring department store and boutique windows, visiting trade shows and keeping abreast of street fashion… Endowed with an assertive personality, they can impose their signature style on everyone!

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