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Ecole Conte is a founder member

Its mission is to promote French expertise through training in every domain.

All Collège de Paris establishments share three key values: an international outlook, excellence of teaching, and personalised support for students.

Every year, the Collège de Paris trains over 3,000 students, of whom 50% are international students.

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Alongside the Ecole Conte, which specialises in applied arts, the Collège de Paris encompasses:

Various multi-disciplinary programmes at the Collège de Paris benefit from the expertise of the Ecole Conte

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    Luxury and Fashion management

    The Ms Luxury and Fashion Management course is the first course to deliver managerial training alongside an analysis that blends fashion styling considerations with creativity. Students acquire not just in-depth knowledge of the sector and its...

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    Textile design

    Creative and professional training, the Textile Design program at École Conte trains textile designers to be at the avant-garde of design trends and being able to re-shape the future. Start by discovering disciplines specific to Textile Design:...

Students holding a Bachelor qualification from the Ecole Conte benefit from reserved places in the latter two programmes of excellence.

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The Ecole Conte has become a real reference for professionals in the fields of fashion, textiles and luxury.

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