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The 4th year: an international experience

When students have completed three years of the Bachelor qualification in Textile design or Fashion design, they get the chance to undertake a fourth year as an exchange year at an international arts campus. This can be done either as a long-term placement in France, or as a year abroad. This opportunity ensures that every student gets the chance to become fluent in English and gain some international creative or industry experience, in order to be better able to kick-start their career in the world of Textiles or Fashion.


Students get to choose from several destinations, all thanks to the many international partnerships of the Collège de Paris:

School of Art and Design

Université du Bedfordshire

The school may also support students seeking to join other establishments, depending on their projects. This includes, for example, the University of California, Riverside with whom a partnership agreement has been signed.

A specialist advisor is available to help students interested in enrolling on and preparing for their time away, so that students can develop their project as a springboard towards an international creative career.


The Ecole Conte has become a real reference for professionals in the fields of fashion, textiles and luxury.

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