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Professionals may, if they wish, seek to obtain the qualification at level II

via the Accreditation of Prior Learning and Experience pathway. An applicant may, once their portfolio has been examined, present a project to a panel of professionals or follow the courses required to gain full accreditation for their relevant skills.

Steps involved in gaining Accreditation of Prior Learning and Experience:

– Step 1: Welcome – information on how the Accreditation process works

– Step 2: Accreditation booklet n°1 – applicant is given pre-study booklet

– Step 3: Examination of applicant’s admissibility

– Step 4: Accreditation booklet n°2 ‘guide to putting together an Accreditation portfolio’ – put the portfolio together with the support of the ‘applicant guide’ and customised support (optional)

– Step 5: Oral presentation to panel

– Step 6: Decision of panel

If overall Accreditation is awarded: official certificate approved by the French national directory of professional certifications is awarded

If partial Accreditation is given: the panel will issue recommendations on the learning or skills still to be acquired or proven. The applicant may request details on how these skills or knowledge might be acquired. This may take the form either of acquiring skills in a professional setting in the field, or following additional modules within a training organisation.

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