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Course overview

Ecole Conte provides an integrated preparation year for students getting ready to embark upon our Fashion Design or Textile and Fashion Design Bachelor programmes. The year course focusses on these two specialty areas. The course also provides training for the competitive presentation for admission to prestigious public fashion institutes. Students get the opportunity to acquire core artistic skillsets, and can also thoroughly prepare for their future studies thanks to the fashion and textile expertise of the school that has been in the industry since 1949.



Preparation in 1 year

28 hours of classes, about 20 hours of personal work per week. Three poles group together a teaching that is both generalist and specific to the chosen specialization:

– Drawing and technical learning
– Creativity
– General and artistic culture

Depending on the subject, students are subject to either continuous monitoring or quarterly grading. In addition, twice a year, each student appears before a jury of teachers. He then defends, orally, a file of work in progress.

Points clés duprogramme

  • Outdoor sketching
  • Nude sketching
  • Infographics/photo/video
  • Observation/volume/perspective drawing
  • Graphic expression and colour
  • History of art
  • English
  • Museum and exhibition visits
  • General culture
  • Introduction to trends
  • Textile culture
  • Motif/colours/materials laboratory
  • Fashion laboratory
  • Preparation for competitive admission to higher education


  • Fashion designer or stylist
  • Textile designer
  • Accessories creator
  • Colourist


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Admission procedure

Educational level required: Baccalaureat

Personal work portfolio: drawings, sketches, paintings, volume work, research, designs, photos etc

Qualities required: Curious and inventive, you have a good culture in textiles and artistic fields is essential. Keeping informed and being open to the world are also essential qualities to perfectly control the trend.

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