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To know how to create and stage an object and a space according to given codes and identity.

After a year of common core courses to acquire the fundamentals of global design, the second year provides technical and professional skills for the creation of spaces entrusted to scenographers, object designers and artistic directors.

“Project Manager”

Certification registered with the RNCP by order of 17 July 2015 published in the Official Journal of 25 July 2015, issued by the ECEMA Lyon – European School of Management Association.


1st year

The fundamentals of global design

This core structure, in common with the Ms Design Digital, enables a transversal approach to skills related to global design, product design, digital design, object design and scenography.

Key modules: merchandising, UX/UI ergonomics, space design, scenography, web design, project design…

2nd year

A specialisation in scenography and environmental design

The final year aims to acquire the skills related to the creation of objects or spaces, from their design to the conception of their identity and the project environment.

Key modules: technological and creative watch, object design, DTP, 2D/3D modelling tools…

Key points of programme

  • Stage culture
  • Design and CSR
  • Study of the stage and the show
  • Cultural scenography
  • Scenography of the show
  • Space and environment design


  • Scenographer
  • Space designer
  • Object designer
  • Product Designer
  • Artistic Director

Admission procedure

Required level: A-levels + 3

Parallel admission possible depending on the file.

Admission procedures :

Motivational interview


Application file: professional or artistic book (drawings, sketches, photos or any other elements of your own creation), a reflection of about thirty lines around a design subject (current affairs, history, economics…) and the elements requested on the last page of the application file.

Required qualities: a good design and artistic culture and great curiosity.

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