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The Ms Luxury and Fashion Management course

is the first course to deliver managerial training alongside an analysis that blends fashion styling considerations with creativity. Students acquire not just in-depth knowledge of the sector and its branches, but also genuine creative expertise. The course is available with work placements. The two-year course is designed to be compatible with pursuing a professional business activity: classes are held two days a week.

“Operational Unit Manager”

Qualification registered at the French national directory of professional certifications by governmental decree of 18 May 2018, and published in the official parliamentary gazette on 24 May 2018, issued by Ecole Conte-Collège de Paris.

Level II (Fr) / level 6 (EU)

Specialty training naming system (‘NSF’) code 310: Multi-value specialties in business and management


1st year

Introduction and research

The first year provides an introduction to marketing and management in the fashion and luxury sector. This is delivered alongside the teaching of core creative techniques as practised by industry professionals in major organisations (such as modelling, accessories and infographics). During the first year, there is also a focus on two key trends in the sector: technology and ethics. These are considered through courses in connected design, fabric and process innovation, and responsible sourcing. The teaching is delivered in agile education mode. What makes this so special is the way these notions – so essential in the sector – are explored through a blend of creativity and theory.

Every class begins the year by spending two exploration days in Paris. Students then undertake a study trip to Milan during design week in order to gain a comprehensive overview of the sector at international level.

2nd year

Planning, developing and completing projects

The second year is devoted to students’ creative and personal projects. Throughout the year, students concentrate on a professional, comprehensive brand creation project. This encompasses collection planning, prototypes and business plan preparation. As well as delivering the knowledge needed to start up a business via start-up law and management courses, the fashion and luxury sector is explored further, and students are given the opportunity to pursue their chosen careers within the relevant companies. The course also focusses on the various dimensions of digital tools (including UX design, influence marketing and digital strategies).

The second personal project for the year is to write up a professional thesis. This is a professionalization tool that can be referred to on a CV as a reflection of the expertise acquired by our graduates.

Key points of programme

  • Brand image and creation
  • The internationalisation of luxury
  • Accessories
  • Modelling
  • Creative communication
  • Connected design
  • Ethical design
  • Luxury and fashion distribution
  • Fashion style
  • Trends
  • Apllied business planning
  • Start-up management


  • Artistic director
  • Buyer
  • Product manger
  • Fashion luxury product manager
  • Web marketing manager
  • Commercial agent or manager


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Admission procedure

Required level of education: Bac+3 (high school + 3 years’ higher education)

Personal work portfolio:

  • Creative file: optional
  • Consideration of a luxury-related topic (20 to 30 lines on, for example, an exhibition, a brand, or a product range)

Qualities required: the course is aimed at students and professionals seeking to develop their career in the luxury and fashion industries. Creativity and an eagerness to learn are key assets in this fast-growing and highly dynamic sector. The Luxury and Fashion Management student is versatile, and should also provide evidence of responsibilities and disciplines given.

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