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The Ms Luxury Food and Wine Management

is the premier international management course specialising in the domains of fine food and oenology, and is available either with work placements or as a full-time programme. The course was designed with the support of the best professionals from the most prestigious Parisian organisations, and combines applied management training with practical workshops that provide a rounded insight into careers in wine and food.

This program is taught entirely in English.

“Operational Activity Manager”
Level 7 certification registered in the Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles, by decision of France Compétences dated May 19, 2021, delivered by Ascencia Business School for the Collège de Paris

Objectives of theprogramme

1st year

The first year is an opportunity for students to become familiar with the luxury food and wine sector, whilst also gaining an overview of the fundamental marketing principles necessary for its exploration. Theoretical knowledge such as the history of gastronomy and oenology, economics and consumer behaviour are complemented by practical modules in sampling products, and the full creation of a website.

An initial study trip to Champagne is organised so that students are plunged right into the heart of a French tradition that is highly acclaimed all over the world.

2nd year

During the second year, the teaching becomes more focussed, to include marketing and management as applied to the luxury industry. Every skill necessary to the creation of a business is also covered, so that students are then able to put together a professional business plan supported by an in-depth thesis at the end of the year that is considered by a panel of experts.

Students embark upon a second trip to the Bordeaux area, where they visit the Cité du Vin and also take part in practical cooking and tasting workshops.

The year group also takes the level II WSET exam: this is the flagship English qualification in the domain of wine.

Key points of programme

  • Intercultural Mangement
  • Purchasing management
  • Consumer behaviour
  • History of gastronomy and oenology
  • Chinese
  • Practical and theoretical tasting knowledge
  • Export methods
  • Merchandising
  • The Geopolitics of luxury sector
  • High end product and mass distribution
  • Business planning
  • Website creation
  • Setting up business


  • Product manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Product manager
  • Sommelier
  • Entrepeneurship
  • Press relation officer
  • Sector manager
  • Communication manager

Admission procedure

Required level of education: Bac+3 (high school + 3 years’ higher education)

Applicant file:

  • CV
  • Cover letter
  • Letter of recommendation
  • Language test

Qualities required: the course is designed for students who already have a strong interest in fine food and wine, as well as a core knowledge of these very wide-ranging domains. It is designed in particular to cater to those wishing to set up businesses and put together business plans, though is also very suitable for young students seeking to get specialist knowledge with a view to working with major businesses in the sector.

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