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The educational focus of this course is to turn students into luxury industry professionals through gaining experience in the sector.

The course is based on general marketing training, along with a specialist focus on luxury sectors. The course is characterised by a dual creative and managerial approach.

‘Luxe à la française’ – French-style luxury – is founded on expertise that is the envy of the entire world. Many opportunities exist in the sector both in France and abroad, and that’s why our specialist teachers have a particularly international mindset. The skills acquired on this course can be enhanced by embarking upon any of three other training programmes available at the Collège de Paris: the Ms Luxury and Fashion Management course, the Luxury food and wine management course, or the Hotel and Tourism management course.

The programme can be taken as a full-time course, or can be interspersed with work placements (professional training contract).


Qualification registered at the French national directory of professional certifications by governmental decree of 7 July 2017, and published in the official parliamentary gazette on 19 July 2017, issued by the organisation for the Collège de Paris.

Level II(Fr) / level 6 (eu)

Key points of programme

  • Applied marketing in the fashion and luxury sector
  • Applied communication in the fashion and luxury industry
  • International communication strategy in the luxury industry
  • Web and community management
  • Business and economic philosophy
  • Staff management
  • Interculutural Management
  • Commercial business action planning
  • Service mangement and budgeting
  • Basics of Human Rersources management
  • Introduction to digital retouching
  • Business creation in the fashion and luxury sector
  • Specialist English


  • Product manager
  • Business manager
  • Customer service / relation manager
  • Commercial manager
  • Customer marketing manager
  • Marketing manger
  • Sales floor manager

Admission procedure

Educational level required: Baccalaureat

Overview of administrative file: academic transcript, CV, cover letter and so on

  • Creative file: optional
  • Consideration of a luxury-related topic (20 to 30 lines on, for example, an exhibition, a brand, or a product range)

Applicants should have an interest in current design issues, as well as societal and global issues across all domains.

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