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An in-depth vision of all the techniques applied to the professions of product, digital, space or brand design, while building a creative identity in your chosen field.

The Bachelor design 360° provides a complete theoretical and practical education while allowing students to create their own added value. The 3-year course is a lever of orientation for those who wish to explore all possible careers in the field of design. Workshops, professional reports and work-study programmes enable students to find their speciality and to orient their professional career.

“Textile Designer-Creator”.

Certification registered with the RNCP by order of 18 May 2018 published in the Journal Officiel of 24 May 2018, issued by Ecole Conte – Collège de Paris.
Level 6
Code NSF 240u Multi-technology specialities soft materials


1 ère année

Learning the fundamentals

Methodology of creation and learning the technical and cultural bases of the design sector.

Key modules: culture and history of design, trends, drawing / perspective, technical drawing…

2nd Year

Affirmation of creative personality

The acquisition of the fundamentals leads to the development of new technical skills with the contribution of new modules such as interface design or space design.

Flagship modules: design culture and history, plastic expression, mock-up / model making / prototyping, DTP…

3rd year

Diploma project

The knowledge acquired is put at the service of the diploma project, which is essential for the definition of career guidance and professional integration.

Key modules: art and design market, product design, graphic design, drawing / perspectives

Key points of programme

  • Industrial revolution, history of design and architecture
  • Art nouveau
  • Arts déco
  • Scandinavian modernism, American
  • 360° Communication
  • Design Thinking
  • Drawing and perspective
  • Plastic expression
  • Mock-up and prototyping
  • Colour
  • Interface design
  • Creative research
  • Graphic design
  • Space design


  • Web Designer
  • Digital designer
  • Brand designer
  • Head of Advertising
  • Packaging designer

Admission procedure

Level required: A-levels

Parallel admission possible depending on the file.

Admission procedures :

Motivational interview


Application file: drawings, sketches, photos or any other elements of your own creation, a thirty-line reflection on a design subject (current affairs, history, economics, etc.) and the elements requested on the last page of the application file.

Required qualities: a good design and artistic culture and great curiosity.

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