02/01 Courses

Explore the Ms Luxury and Fashion creative projects

At the year-end, our students on the Ms 2 in Luxury and Fashion Management presented their creative projects to a panel of professionals.
The creative project is the core element of the training, positioned midway between design and marketing/managerial skills. Each class is tasked with completing a comprehensive brand creation project in groups that encompasses elements such as the concept, the business plan with supporting market research, financial aspects and marketing strategies, as well as prototypes of the products they have come up with and technical information.
This year, a large number of projects were judged by the panel to be high-quality and very professional. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all of our students on the work they have done, and present two of these projects in images:

  • Petit Cancre, by Charline Garrette, Océane Cognard and Estelle Altinisik
  • Reversea, by Makka Israilova, Murielle Ouoba, Lisa Segura and Laura Boronat